Montrose Chip Seal

Montrose Chip Seal
Montrose Chip Seal | Colorado Asphalt Paving

Finding a reliable and affordable Montrose Chip Seal Contractor can be difficult. Here at Driveway Experts, we have many years of experience working with asphalt driveways, parking lots and roadways. We deliver the very best in both residential and commercial Montrose Chip Seal services.

Chip Seal in Montrose, Colorado

Commonly known as “chip and seal,” this method of surfacing uses liquid asphalt sprayed over a gravel base. The type of stones used can vary, which will effect the final appearance of the driveway, road or parking lot.  Here are some considerations to make if you’re thinking about a Montrose chip seal project.

  • Rougher Surface - Normal asphalt alone results in a smooth surface (when done correctly), but chip and seal is meant to have a more textured surface.  This gives you a lot more traction.
  • Snow Removal - Speaking of the rougher surface on chip and seal driveways and parking lots, it’s important to raise the plow about 1/4″ above the surface when removing snow in the winter.
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Driveway Experts deliver professional and affordable Montrose Chip Seal to our clients in Colorado.  Allow Driveway Experts the privilege of giving a fresh and revived look to your home, business or property with our expert Montrose Chip Seal services. We are a fully insured Colorado paving contractor. Driveway Experts takes on the liability of any incidentals while tending to all your Montrose, CO Asphalt paving needs. We are proud to carry both Commercial Liability Insurance and Workman’s compensation Insurance.

Montrose Chip Seal Professionals

Driveway Experts provides the very best in Montrose Chip Seal. If you are in need of top of the line asphalt paving, blacktop application or chip and seal services for your home or business, we are the contractors for you! We assemble our very own special mixture of mineral aggregate and asphalt into compacted layers. It makes your Montrose Chip Seal compound extremely durable and perfect for parking lots, driveways, and roadways.

Why Choose Driveway Experts of Colorado

Here is a quick rundown of the major reasons you should choose Driveway Experts for your next Montrose chip and seal job.

  • Professional Service - At Driveway Experts, we truly care about each and every one of our clients. We go out of our way to treat everyone professionally.
  • Affordable Prices - In addition to our great customer service during every step of the chip and seal process, we have very reasonable prices. We offer free estimates before any work begins.
  • High Quality - Last but certainly not least, you can be sure that we use the highest quality materials and pay attention to the small details so your projects comes our great.

If you need chip and seal surfacing for a driveway, parking lot or road in or around Montrose, Colorado, contact us today. We will listen to what you need to have done during your free consultation. After we give you an estimate, you decide whether or not you want us to complete the work. With your permission, we stick to our schedule and get the work done. At the end of the process, we make sure you’re completely satisfied.


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 Add Value to Your Home or Business with Montrose Chip Seal Services

Montrose Chip Seal projects don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. If you go with Driveway Experts, we’re going to be able to help with your driveway, parking lot or walkway without causing you to go broke. Before we begin any work, you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to have to pay. You are in control. After your free consultation, you can decide whether or not you want to continue and have us do the work.

With the proper seal coat on top, a blacktop driveway can last for many years and stay looking new. It’s all about proper maintenance and making sure the people putting in the driveway do a good job. This is one of the many reasons you should choose Driveway Experts for any Montrose Chip Seal projects.

Having a new driveway can really improve your curb appeal as well as the overall value of your home or commercial property. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you with your next paving project in Montrose, CO or surrounding areas.

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