Cortez Chip Seal

Cortez Chip Seal
Cortez Chip Seal | Colorado Paving Contractors

Finding a reputable and affordable Chip Seal Contractor in Colorado can be tough. Driveway Experts provides professional Cortex Chip Seal Application at reasonable rates and delivers your finished surface on time. Here at Driveway Experts, we have decades of experience working with asphalt driveways, parking lots and roads construction projects..

If you have been considering chip seal for your driveway in Colorado, your best bet is to give Driveway Experts a call as soon as possible. During your free consultation, we’ll listen to what you’re wanting and let you know how much it will cost as well as how long it’s going to take to complete. By the time you’re done talking with us, you’re going to know whether or not going with our Cortez chip seal application is right for you.

Chip Seal in Cortez, Colorado

Commonly known as “chip and seal,” this method of surfacing uses liquid asphalt sprayed over a gravel base. The type of stones used can vary, which will effect the final appearance of the driveway, road or parking lot.  Here are some considerations to make if you’re thinking about an Cortez chip seal project.

  • Rougher Surface - Normal asphalt alone results in a smooth surface (when done correctly), but chip and seal is meant to have a more textured surface.  This gives you a lot more traction.
  • Snow Removal - Speaking of the rougher surface on chip and seal driveways and parking lots, it’s important to raise the plow about 1/4″ above the surface when removing snow in the winter.

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For any Cortez chip seal job you are considering, you should give Driveway Experts a call and see how we can help. From providing quality work to having affordable and reasonable prices, we go out of our way to make sure all of our clients are happy. No lot is too small, no driveway too long. To learn more about our Cortez chip seal services and how it’s usually used, continue reading below.

Why Choose Driveway Experts for Cortez Chip Seal Application

We are a fully insured Colorado paving contractor. Driveway Experts takes on the liability of any incidentals while tending to all your Cortez, CO chip seal needs. We are proud to carry both Commercial Liability Insurance and Workman’s compensation Insurance. Allow Driveway Experts the privilege of giving a fresh and revived look to your home or business with our expert Cortez Chip Seal Services.

  • Communication - One of the reasons people love us so much is that we make it easy to communicate with us. Whether it’s your free consultation or any other time during the project, you can talk to us.
  • Prices - We understand you work hard for your money. In addition to being very easy to talk regarding a free estimate, Driveway Experts offers very affordable prices for Cortez Chip Seal services.
  • Quality - While our prices are very reasonable, we do NOT cut corners when it comes to materials or man hours. We make sure we do the job right the first time so we don’t have to come back and fix mistakes.
  • Our Team - First and foremost, you should go with Driveway Experts because of our friendly and professional workers. From the staff that answers the phones to the people that do the work, we have a dedicated team.
  • Our Equipment - We have modern equipment that makes it easier to get the chip seal paving down correctly the first time. Staying on top of all the latest technologies is important to us.

Our mission is to provide the very best experience during your Cortez Chip Seal Application, and we strive to deliver detailed results while rejuvenating the face of your home or business. Driveway Experts understands that every client is a potential lead to another paving opportunity and our good name is only truly backed by our finished and well-polished product. Keeping your best interests as a priority, is in our best interests as well.

If you need chip and seal surfacing for a driveway, parking lot or road in or around Cortez, Colorado, contact us today. We will listen to what you need to have done during your free consultation. After we give you an estimate, you decide whether or not you want us to complete the work. With your permission, we stick to our schedule and get the work done. At the end of the process, we make sure you’re completely satisfied.

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