How Colorado Chip Seal has Revolutionized the Paving Industry

Colorado Chip Seal puts to rest the woes of frequent road maintenance, and for a fraction of the cost. It seemsĀ that the theme these days is – better, faster, cheaper. Colorado Chip Seal covers all of those wants, all without sacrificing on the quality of the end result.

The benefits of Colorado Chip Seal are vast and many.

  • With Colorado Chip Seal the ability to effectively maintain roadways and paved pathways at a very low cost becomes a reality.
  • Chip & Seal provides an effective buffer and moisture barrier for the underlying pavement. Colorado Chip Seal wards off the intrusion of water and the elements by sealing the cracks in the existing pavement.
  • It provides increased safety with its skid resistant surface and discourages ‘black ice’.
  • By widening the gap between road maintenance overlays, you save boatloads of money in the long term.
  • In the hotter summer months when there is little-to-no cloud cover, Chip & Seal literally flows back together and re-seals itself due to increased temperatures.

Your basic asphalt roadway or driveway is somewhat like the paint on a building. The very minute that the application process is complete the deterioration begins. All pavement is at the mercy of the elements. Oxidation, rain, sleet, snow, extreme temperature changes… Not to mention the wear and tear by commuters and common ground movement.

Colorado Chip Seal

Colorado Chip Seal does a good job of cutting back, not only on cost, but also application time. This assists in decreasing the window of time that commuters are off that particular roadway. Conversely it increases traction on both old and new pavement projects and cuts back drastically on traffic related incidents.

When all is said and done, the benefits of Colorado Chip Seal far surpasses that of conventional asphalt methods and retains its worth in the long-run.





Dear Mr. Gallagher,

"Thanks for the excellent asphalting job and replacement of my old driveway. I cannot believe how good it looks now!" A. D. F. CW03 - Retired