Basalt Chip and Seal

Basalt Chip and Seal

Paving Professionals for Basalt Chip and Seal

When it comes to Basalt chip and seal services, it’s important to choose the right paving contractor. We’re going to go over some of what you need to keep in mind as well as explain a little bit about the chip & seal method of paving. Just remember that this is only one of the many different services we offer for customers throughout Colorado.

Chip and Seal in Basalt, Colorado

Chip & seal is simply a pavement surface treatment. It has one or more layers of aggregate and one or more layers of an asphalt mixture.  Depending on your budget, needs for the projects and other details, the price is going to vary. However, when treated correctly, this type of pavement can last for years and years. At Driveway Experts, we have a proven track record when it comes to working as paving contractors in Basalt, CO and surrounding areas.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons you should hire us for help with chip and seal paving jobs in the area.

  1. Reliable – One of the big reasons you should choose Driveway Experts is because we are reliable. From the cost of the job to when we’re going to get it done, we’re honest and upfront with you from the start.
  2. Trusted – Because of our reliability and our quality workmanship, we are well trusted in Basalt and surrounding communities. We make sure all our customers are happy.
  3. Cost – While our team is made up of trained professionals, we’re still able to give you a final cost that will fit into your budget. We work with you to make this happen.

Driveway Experts for Jobs Big and Small

If you’re worried that your project is too small for us, don’t let that worry you. We take on all types of jobs both big and small. By giving us a call, you’ll be able to get a free consultation and be able to explain your particular situation. Before we start any work, we will examine the job site and give you a price estimate. After getting your approval, we begin work and stick to the timetable we gave you. It’s as simple as that to get a Basalt chip and seal driveway.

Contact us today for all your Basalt Chip and Seal Paving Needs!


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Learn About Basalt Chip and Seal Paving Possibilities
Learn about what Basalt Chip and Seal paving contractors have to offer throughout Colorado and decide if this pavement is right for you.

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