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At Driveway Experts we take pride in the quality of our craft, and chip & seal happens to be one of our many specialties. We understand that our clients work hard for their homes and businesses. Driveway Experts spares no expense to ensure that our customers feel confident that they have hired a responsible, reasonable, and trustworthy contractor to provide professional paving services to their properties.

From full scale commercial jobs to residential chip & seal paving projects, Driveway Experts can handle them all! We have a full staff of trained professionals both in our office and on the field who are dedicated to providing you with the best customer care possible. Whatever the project, no matter the size, you are in capable hands with Driveway Experts.

Driveway Experts is a fully insured chip & seal paving company that carries both General Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage and the Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage. You can rest assured that in the rare occasion that any damages or injuries occur on or to your property, Driveway Experts have it covered.

Our mission is to provide the very best experience during your paving services and we strive to satisfy our clients. Driveway Experts understands that every customer is a potential lead to another business opportunity and our good name is only backed by our finished product. Therefore, you can feel confident that keeping your best interest in mind is in our best interest as well.

We often hear how difficult it is to find a reliable and licensed contractor. Well look no further, your search is over! Driveway Experts can take the guessing and speculation out of the equation. You need a company with experience and attention to detail who takes pride in their work and always provides a polished end result.

The Driveway Experts invites you to peruse a full list of our services and welcomes you to our family.

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From large commercial jobs to small residential paving projects. Driveway Experts is equipped with proper staff and equipment to get the job done right the first time. We are well known for producing precise paving work in a timely and cost effective manner.


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Dear Mr. Gallagher,

"Thanks for the excellent asphalting job and replacement of my old driveway. I cannot believe how good it looks now!" A. D. F. CW03 - Retired
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